• ​You ain’t a LOOSER,
  • Uptill you are depleted of 
  • Courage , and tenacity
  • Hope, and expectancy
  • Fortitude, and pungnacity.
  • You Ain’t a FLOP,
  • While u still retain;
  • Faith,and relaince:
  • Within oneself and THE SUPREME BEING.

  • You are right there;
  • On your drive close to your Conquest.
  • As long as you hold up the prowess, and potency;
  • To fight back,
  • To counter_attack,
  • To break the chains,
  • To endure the pains,
  • To stand up,
  • To strive for your victory,
  • And to hustle for your endeavors.

  • Literally,
  • You can’t be termed as:
  • While you are breathing the air in,
  • While you can percept your heart’s palpitation.
  • While the blood in your corpus is in motion;
  • As long as your pulse is there,
  • You can’t be labeled as a LOOSER.

  • Looser actually is an “INCORPOREAL DEAD”
  • Who is corporally alive,
  • But dead inside him is his
  • Courage, and tenacity
  • Hope, and expectancy
  • Defunct within him is his belief for oneself,

  • LOOSER is the one, who is deaf to his inner vioce;
  • Which is,
  • Wailing ,$ bemoaning
  • Over the annihilation of 
  • Hope,courage and firmness.

  • Calling one up:
  • Over and again,
  • That ooooh INCORPOREAL DEAD!!!
  • Take yourself back to resurrection,
  • Revitalize your hope, faith and courage.
  • They are all yours:
  • Solely you can master them,
  • If they are breathless,
  • Bring them back to life.
  • Since you are conferred on with that efficacy;
  • To bounce them back,
  • To give them breaths,
  • To make them revived,
  • So, move and effectuate the restoration.
  • So,that you could relive
  • So, that you could catch up to your objectives;
  • And So,that you could evolve into a VICTOR.
  • ~faRah

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