Her eyes are heavily clouded, but they won’t rain until there is dark. There will be cloudburst only the moment her eyes will see the sun rising.



  • ​I m a bird generated to fly
  • I m a loiness procreated to roar high
  • Em contrived to lead the race
  • And to leave the trial of grace
  • Why should i be cagey & cautious?
  • When i’m destined to be gorgeous
  • It is”LIFE”  and not a game to be played Safe
  • So, Let it blossom through all the Chafe
  • I want to kiss the agonies coming my way
  • I want to embrace the hardship’s gay
  • I long to take pride in surviving the impossibles
  • I yearn the contentment of enduring the obstacles
  • For i’m fervent to live this life to the fullest
  • Even if it’ll make me go through the bullets
  • After all, Life is one-time offer & will not be conferred on again
  • And therefore, i want to ken the gross bliss and pain
  • I do not want to enclasp the end with desires displeased
  • I dont want to let this body release its soul grieved

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