• Oooo New Year!!! 
  • What Recent Have You Imported???
  • What Quandaries Have You Assorted???
  • Nothing Distinct You’ve fetched
  •  Merely drived The dilemmas  Stretched
  • Equivalent sunshines & changeless nights
  • Wooing Back To The remnant Delights
  • Perpetual Agitations and consistent vexations
  • there are yet, Similar complications
  • Genuinely a notation submitted to mutation
  • That From factuality, is an aberration
  • Then, What are these greetings for
  • When still stranded in the war
  • Oooh New Year!!!
  • Insinuate something neoteric besides the wavering inscriptions
  • So that, all could graciously merrimake the celebrations
  •  Replenish this new year by new bounties and blessings
  • Induce populace’s lives no more stressing
  • Impel it genuinely a happy new year
  • Accord everyone barely with smiles to wear
  • ~faRah

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