Tune Ghar Mein Chiraghun se Ujaale Na Kiye

Tune Ghar Ko Chiragun Se Jalaaya Hai

تونے گھر میں چراغوں سے اجالے نہ کئے

تونے گھر کو  چراغوں سے جلایا  ہے 




  • Ye Jo Aate Hain Nazar Qirtaas Pe Mere
  • Aansoon Hain Faqat Alfaaz To Nahin hai

یہ جو آتے ہیں نظر قرطاس پہ میرے

آنسوں ہیں فقط الفاظ تو نہیں ہیں



Coming along with hours, seconds and minutes pass by.

Bringing an end to another day, 

the days get veiled in the dark, the birds fly back home,

 all the routine activities  & chores are desisted, 

and tha days are unveiled again to bring mornings &

 this process repeats itself each day.




But she is impassive and apathetic to the changes going around.

What is she yielding thro’ these elapsing seconds ,

hours & days?

Her seconds,minutes and hours are being ruined.

Her days & consequently her life is going waste.

Taking a liittle of her incrementally,

it is all hollowing her out

Making her an empety soul 😦



This piece of my writeup is dedicated to all those who’ve been sacrificing themselves for the sake of other’s blisss at the cost of their own joviality disregarding that”one can’t serve other from an empty bowl”. You must love yourself first in order to oblige others with fondness and devotion.If you bereft your soul of what it is entitled to have then,its time to make a solemn promise to your ownself of not resigning oneself to others good😊


And i have sequestered myself;

From all the external conducts:

It’s now utterly about

Me and myself.

The influential vibes of self admiration;

The strenous thoughts of self veneration:

After having been looked for so long,

Now this adoration made me enclasp it so tight;

To not let it go,

And to grow it through:

For now i am endowed with;

The eye,

That can see the comeliness;

And the charisma,

Within my soul:

Congnizant i’m,

That u were bereaved of

The love and devotion,

Concern and contemplation,

You were entitled to be given:

But now, i vow to you

My darling soul!!!

That every single fraction of you;

That’s been agonized and bruised,

Thats’s been battered and aggreived,

Will now be dressed up:

Merely with tenderness and affection.

A solemn promise it is;

That you’d be prior to all;

That i do serve with,

Love and care.

Nomore you’d be berefted 

Of the fondness,

And deference you deserve;

So, come on,


Lets go on a ride,

A solo ride

Of me, myself and I:

Lets not give;

Even a fragment,

Of these prodigious thoughts:

Lets free oneself up,

Of all the fetters,

That you are enslaved by;

Lets make sure;

To extinct the existence of,

Every nugatory

And unproductive thought;

Lets be concerned 

About selfbeing,

Lets love onself,

Lets beeee freeeee.



Her eyes are heavily clouded, but they won’t rain until there is dark. There will be cloudburst only the moment her eyes will see the sun rising.



  • ​I m a bird generated to fly
  • I m a loiness procreated to roar high
  • Em contrived to lead the race
  • And to leave the trial of grace
  • Why should i be cagey & cautious?
  • When i’m destined to be gorgeous
  • It is”LIFE”  and not a game to be played Safe
  • So, Let it blossom through all the Chafe
  • I want to kiss the agonies coming my way
  • I want to embrace the hardship’s gay
  • I long to take pride in surviving the impossibles
  • I yearn the contentment of enduring the obstacles
  • For i’m fervent to live this life to the fullest
  • Even if it’ll make me go through the bullets
  • After all, Life is one-time offer & will not be conferred on again
  • And therefore, i want to ken the gross bliss and pain
  • I do not want to enclasp the end with desires displeased
  • I dont want to let this body release its soul grieved


  • ​You ain’t a LOOSER,
  • Uptill you are depleted of 
  • Courage , and tenacity
  • Hope, and expectancy
  • Fortitude, and pungnacity.
  • You Ain’t a FLOP,
  • While u still retain;
  • Faith,and relaince:
  • Within oneself and THE SUPREME BEING.

  • You are right there;
  • On your drive close to your Conquest.
  • As long as you hold up the prowess, and potency;
  • To fight back,
  • To counter_attack,
  • To break the chains,
  • To endure the pains,
  • To stand up,
  • To strive for your victory,
  • And to hustle for your endeavors.

  • Literally,
  • You can’t be termed as:
  • While you are breathing the air in,
  • While you can percept your heart’s palpitation.
  • While the blood in your corpus is in motion;
  • As long as your pulse is there,
  • You can’t be labeled as a LOOSER.

  • Looser actually is an “INCORPOREAL DEAD”
  • Who is corporally alive,
  • But dead inside him is his
  • Courage, and tenacity
  • Hope, and expectancy
  • Defunct within him is his belief for oneself,

  • LOOSER is the one, who is deaf to his inner vioce;
  • Which is,
  • Wailing ,$ bemoaning
  • Over the annihilation of 
  • Hope,courage and firmness.

  • Calling one up:
  • Over and again,
  • That ooooh INCORPOREAL DEAD!!!
  • Take yourself back to resurrection,
  • Revitalize your hope, faith and courage.
  • They are all yours:
  • Solely you can master them,
  • If they are breathless,
  • Bring them back to life.
  • Since you are conferred on with that efficacy;
  • To bounce them back,
  • To give them breaths,
  • To make them revived,
  • So, move and effectuate the restoration.
  • So,that you could relive
  • So, that you could catch up to your objectives;
  • And So,that you could evolve into a VICTOR.
  • ~faRah

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